Polygon Migration
The game will run on the Polygon blockchain.
In this way, we will unite the users of the two current networks, and provide them with a fast and cheap environment to perform all on-chain operations.
Let's figure out how the network migration will take place
You can transfer KOMBAT tokens from both networks to the Polygon through the Bridge.
That is, regardless of the KOMBAT token blockchain that you currently own, it will be equally valuable in the new blockchain.
As for the VOMBAT token, it will be credited on Polygon to all users in the exact amount at the time of the snapshot. (We'll add the snapshot date later). You will get all your VOMBATs into the new network without any effort.
Hero cards will also be moved across Polygon Bridge. However, since we have two collections (Binance and Ethereum), these two collections will be transferred to Polygon. In the game interface, you will need to select the collection whose card you are sending into battle.
In addition, new Location cards will appear in the game — Arenas, on which battles of crypto Heroes will take place. Owners of ERC721 locations will receive rewards for every battle that players will play in their arenas.
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