The token that provides gameplay, unlocks new character cards and fights between players is $VOMBAT. This token is currently created by staking the KOMBAT token and was initially used only for minting NFT cards, but after the game release, it becomes transferable and exchangeable and will be listed on decentralized exchanges in the KOMBAT/VOMBAT pair.

The main utility cases for the $VOMBAT are:
  • Purchases in the in-game market
  • Participation in the battle
  • Battle Rewards
  • Distribution rewards
This solution allows the token to be used to reward players for achievements in battles, as well as to buy valuable items in the market.


The Crypto Kombat market will contain such categories of items as:
  • NFT of heroes (limited for every card type)
  • Attacks
  • Arenas
  • Card upgrades
  • Skill boxes
  • Loot boxes
NOTE: Since the supply of VOMBAT is elastic, and is created for every battle performed by the players, it must be protected from inflation. To solve this problem, VOMBAT was designed as a flexible supply token.
Every VOMBAT used for purchases in the market is divided 50% to 50% with the first half being burned and the second going to the market.

Special items

Special items in the market are sold in VOMBAT and KOMBAT such as:
  • Arenas
  • Skins
  • Premium loot boxes
All the KOMBATs used for purchases in the market goes to the project treasury and is the source of the revenue.
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