Key Assets
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$KOMBAT is the main coin of the Crypto Kombat game. The coin is traded on DEXes and is needed to receive in-game tokens $VOMBAT through staking.
$VOMBAT is another token for internal use and rewards with flexible supply, necessary for minting Hero cards and participating in future gameplay.
$lpKOMBAT - a token issued by a decentralized protocol for providing liquidity to selected pools KOMBAT/WETH on Uniswap and KOMBAT/WBNB on Pancakeswap.
$lpVOMBAT - a token received for staking $lpKOMBAT on a smart contract through the official website. Required for minting special cards from limited collections.
Hero Cards - NFT tokens of the Crypto Kompat project, issued in honor of iconic people who have had a significant impact on the crypto industry. In the game, hero cards serve as combat units, fighting against cards under the control of another player or computer.
Skill cards - NFT tokens of the Crypto Kompat project, the use of which during the battle activates temporary bonuses and effects to the main characteristics of the player's deck.
Arena cards - NFT tokens of the Crypto Kompat project, which are the in-game background for fights. Arena owners receive special bonuses for player fights in their arena.
NFT badges - coming soon
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