Staking rewards
Crypto Kombat ecosystem has two staking facilities:
  • $KOMBAT staking
  • Liquidity-Provider token staking

$KOMBAT staking

NOTE: Staking of KOMBAT tokens is a prerequisite for participating in Crypto Kombat battles.
Staking of the KOMBAT token is available on the website UI and provides the following advantages:
  • Daily $VOMBAT rewards (1 $VOMBAT for 1 $KOMBAT daily)
  • Energy rewards (Energy is depleted with every fight challenge)
  • Governance (priority wave)
  • The access to the private community
Currently, the amount of tokens available for staking is strictly limited. With 1 token being the minimum and 10 being the maximum. This mechanism ensures the in-game equity and reduces the possibility to influence the game balance for "whales".

LP-token staking

As with any DeFi project, the community plays a key role in Crypto Kombat. As you already know, the project developed independently solely on the team’s enthusiasm and invaluable community support. It is very important for us to reward active members of our community.
For this matter, we’re introducing the Premium account for Liquidity providers.
Premium accounts are an innovative move in the blockchain games not seen previously.
Staking of the LP-token is available on the website UI and provides the following advantages:
  • Unlocked premium account features
  • Leveraged growth of the $VOMBAT rewards in the $KOMBAT staking facility
  • $lpVOMBAT rewards used for exclusive collections minting
  • Unlocked avatar modifications ability
The amount of LP tokens available for staking is not limited. The multiplicator for the growth of $VOMBAT rewards is calculated by the following formula:
Daily VOMBATs rewards = Quantity of Staked Kombats * (1+(Liquidity provided by the user / The whole liquidity of the pair)
Staking of the LP-token is available for the following pairs:
  • KOMBAT/ETH (Uniswap)
  • KOMBAT/BNB (PancakeSwap)
  • KOMBAT/MATIC (To be added)
  • VOMBAT/ETH (To be added)
  • VOMBAT/BNB (To be added)
  • VOMBAT/MATIC (To be added)

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$KOMBAT staking
LP-token staking