Premium accounts
A premium account in the Crypto Kombat game is activated for the user who has provided assets to the liquidity pool with the KOMBAT token
Available pairs for activating a premium account: KOMBAT/WETH, KOMBAT/WBNB
In the future: VOMBAT/KOMBAT on any predefined DEX
Premium account activates with a specific number of LP tokens
Premium status bonuses:
  • Visual modifications
  • Access to limited collections (similar to the current model)
  • Boost to VOMBATs farming, in another contract (share in the pool * 100, 0.1 * 100 = 10)
  • Unlimited matches per day
  • Access to the closed Discord channel
  • Participation in Governance
  • The minimum number of staked tokens - (set from the number of users)
  • The maximum number of staked tokens
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